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Our Company

Metalex Products Ltd. is a secondary lead smelting and refining facility located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We’re carrying on a company legacy that goes back more than 50 years. Our team of about 20 employees offers our customers two essential services:

Battery Recycling

We process lead-acid batteries to reclaim lead, plastic, and acid. And we refine battery lead and other types of scrap lead into alloys required by our industrial customers.

Lead Alloy Sales for Industrial Use

Our company aims to provide the best quality lead in British Columbia.

Learn more about Metalex’s Lead Alloy and Recycling Products and Services.

Our Commitment to Green Sustainability

Metalex proudly works for a greener environment. We recycle about 300,000 automotive batteries annually. And we saved the equivalent of nearly 2,000 barrels of oil last year just from recycling plastic alone. Reclamation and recycling of lead, acid and plastics plays an important part in achieving a more sustainable community.

Learn more about how Metalex’s Recycling Processes helps the environment.

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