A Pioneer in the

Canadian Circular Economy

Metalex Products Ltd. collects and recycles lead batteries, creating new commodities for use in the Battery Industry, Nuclear Medicine, and Municipal Water Treatment facilities.



Metalex Products Ltd. is a Lead Battery Recycler and Secondary Lead Smelter located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.  We have a highly skilled team of over 20 employees that provides our customers with customer focused services.


We are the only combined Lead Battery recycler and smelter in Western Canada.  Over 10,200,000 Lbs of Lead Batteries processed per year.


We sell refined lead to manufacturers in lots of 1 MT and larger.



A proud member of the Davis Trading & Supply Co. Group of Companies, we are proudly carrying on a company legacy that goes back more than 50 years.


We take pride to reduce the impact of industrial and post consumer products on the environment.