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Metalex accepts the following materials for recycling:

  • All and only lead-acid batteries (automotive, industrial, etc)
  • Clean, scrap lead (sheet, pipes, blocks, etc)
  • Wheel weights
  • Lead dross
  • All other lead materials

All suppliers are asked to properly classify and package their materials before shipping in order to receive proper payment.

Please note that only lead-acid batteries are accepted, all others will be disposed of at the shipper’s expense.

Scrap, lead-acid batteries are considered hazardous material in the province of British Columbia therefore, a number of regulations come into place when shipping, transporting and receiving this material.

In addition to complying with federal TDG regulations, every load of scrap batteries in the province of British Columbia weighing over 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) must comply with the current BCMOE regulations for Hazardous Waste. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with these regulations before shipping.

The carrier company must have a “Licence to Transport” issued by the BCMOE or the jurisdiction where the carrier is registered. See the regulations about shipping. BC Ministry of Environment Hazardous Waste Regulations:

Transportation of Dangerous Goods:

A fully completed movement document/manifest form must accompany the load at all times. The manifest must be submitted to the receiver, by the driver, upon arrival to destination.

According to the current TDG regulations, every skid of batteries has to be securely strapped and shrink wrapped and properly labeled during transport. The skids of batteries must be 2 or 3 layers high maximum with honeycomb cardboard between each layer. Scrap batteries must be packaged securely and in accordance with environmental regulations. This diagram document illustrates the proper method.(PDF)

shipping batteries chart

Any leaking/damaged batteries must be shipped in TDG approved containers.

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