About Metalex Lead Smelting and Recycling

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Metalex has a combined battery recycling and lead smelting facility that is run according to strict BCMOE guidelines. Our business helps preserve and reduce impacts on our region’s environment.

After reclaiming materials from our battery recycling process as well as other lead sources, we smelt and refine lead to into a range of types depending on our customers needs. These lead alloys can be re-used in a wide range of products, such as for ballast, ammunition, power cables, stained glass and, naturally, battery manufacturing.

The outer battery shells are processed into polypropylene components. The plastic is processed further and then the materials are later used to make plant pots, door plugs, core caps, concrete form knock-outs to name a few. Our industrial process safeguards the health of our workers and the public while ensuring we reclaim materials efficiently.

As the only combined secondary smelting and lead recycling operation in Western Canada, we’ve developed many partnerships with manufacturers and scrap battery suppliers.

Do you need to buy lead for industrial manufacturing or other applications?
Purchase pure lead or antimonial lead alloy according your specifications.

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Learn more about how we can meet your battery recycling needs.

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